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Widow of killed Indian pilot appeals her nation to not cheer for war

Widow of the Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot who died when Pakistan Air Force shot down his fighter jet on February 27 has appealed to her nation to not cheer for war as it was not in anyone’s interest, ARY News reported.

Talking to Indian news channels on Saturday, IAF pilot Ninad Mandavgane’s widow said that the last time she spoke to her husband was on February 26.

“Next day, he texted me that he was extremely busy and can’t talk, therefore”, she said, adding that this was the last communication between the two.

She asked the people of her country to refrain from cheering for war on social media. “To all these social media warriors, I ask them to go to not fight the wars on social media”, she said.

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“If you are that passionate, join the army, go to the border, and then you will find out what war is; only then you will know what the damages of war are”, she said, “it’s not in the interest of anyone”, she added.

It is worthwhile to note that many within India are criticising their government for pursuing a war with Pakistan.

Videos of Indian army personnel and their families emerged on social media in which they could be seen expressing their dissatisfaction with the pay-scale and facilities offered to the Indian soldiers.



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