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Indians chant anti-army slogans after ‘Go back Modi’

ASSAM: In the northeastern state of India, frustrated citizens were seen chanting ‘Go Back Indian Army’ as the nation feels humiliated over their loss in a tit-for-tat air combat with Pakistan last week.

In the wake of warmongering acts against Pakistan, the Indian nation, including renowned journalists, analysts, politicians and even the leaders from the ruling party, has been denouncing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisions of a stand-off with the neighbouring country, followed by the Feb 14 attack in Pulwama.

The social media in India has been oozing out with posts saying ‘Go back Modi’. Moreover, today, a video was shared on the social media, in which people can be seen stopping a military convoy in an area of Assam and chanting ant-army slogans.

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In response to the provocation, Indian army officers started calling out names.

The aggressive public manhandled army officers, forcing them to leave the area.

The escalation between both countries had heightened when the Indian war planes had violated Pakistan’s air space at the Line of Control (LoC) near Muzaffarabad in the wee hours of February 26, however they scrambled back following timely response from the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Later, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) had successfully destroyed two aircraft of IAF inside Pakistani airspace on February 27 in a response of another violation of ceasefire line besides arresting an Indian pilot Pakistani troops which was later handed back to India as a peace gesture.




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