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Treasure hunt: Karachi man digs 35-feet-deep hole in his house

KARACHI: A man’s search for a 400-year-old treasure within his house hit the rock when the police got winds of his plan before he could become rich overnight, ARY News reported on Tuesday. 

According to the details, Tariq Nawaz, the house’ owner, had returned from Qatar a few months ago and was living in Dalmia area of the city.

Days ago, his brother-in-law informed him about a dream that he saw. In the dream, he claimed, he saw a treasure hidden in the foundations of their house.

Nawaz says his brother-in-law subsequently introduced Nawaz to a ‘peerni’ (faith healer) who suggested Nawaz should undertake the project and put the condition of a share in the findings.

Soon, labourers started digging the house in order to unearth the treasure trove, however, the Police after being informed about suspicious activities, raided the house and took everyone into custody.

The ‘peerni’ told the police that a jinn had confirmed the presence of the 400-year-old hidden treasure in the house located in Dalmia, area of Karachi. “The jinn told us that we should go ahead with the digging”, she told.

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Nawaz told the police that the treasure, if found, would have been equally divided among the peerni and the house owner, whereas a portion of it would go to the workers.

He informed that digging had started last month and after a pause of one week, it had resumed today again but the police raided.

SP Ghulshan-e-Iqbal told the journalist that the people had been digging in the house for last 20 days and had dug more than 35-feet below the ground level.

The police officer also informed that the brother-in-law of Nawaz is serving his time in prison for a fraud.



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