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Police ‘resolve’ mystery surrounding Karachi girl’s death

KARACHI: Police on Saturday claimed to have resolved the mystery of a model girl Rubab Shafiq’s death, whose body was found in a local cemetery two weeks ago, ARY News reported.

The incident took place in Karachi’s western region of Mochko which borders Balochistan province.

According to Police, Ms Shafiq died at a local abortion clinic while undergoing the procedure. The clinic staff panicked at her death and threw her body in a nearby cemetery in the dark of the night, said the police.

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During the autopsy, police found no outward marks signalling torture, however, one of her hand had seven while other had nine marks of injections.

On Saturday, police arrested the nurse and her assistant who operated Ms Shafiq for abortion. According to police, the duo has confirmed the series of events.

A First Information Report (FIR) lodged at the Mochko Police Station named three including a man named Umar.

Police are on the hunt for the man associated with the deceased girl who remains at large.



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