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Police remain clueless as weapon snatching incidence from Karachi personnel rises

KARACHI: Incidence of weapon snatching from police personnel in the metropolis has hiked while the clueless police department suspects these are later used in terrorism activities, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

The Law Enforcing Agency which is delegated with both responsibilities, protecting the citizens and probing the crime, has so far not been able narrow down on where the snatched arms have gone or who has been involved in the snatching events for that matter.

Until now there have been 14 such incidents since April the preceding year in which police personnel were deprived of their weapons while on duty.

In all such incidents, there have been two common features: All the weapon snatched are 9mm pistols, and all the snatchers were riding on bikes.

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The department has shared suspicion that snatched weapons, officially registered with the police department, could be used in terrorism activities.

The streak, comprising 14 incidents happening till date, had begun in April 2019 with snatching events transpiring across many areas of Karachi.

The areas that police have underlined are Surjani Town, Safoura Chowk, North Nazimabad, Five Star Roundabout, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Sohrab Goth, Gulbahar, Shah Lateef Town.




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