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Robbers in Karachi leave without loot due to tragic occurrence

KARACHI: The metropolis became witness to a very odd tale of robbery, the incident took place in Korangi No.5 area of the megacity, ARY News reported on Friday.

The robbers upon finding the right chance got inside a house in the locality, three defenseless women were inside the premises whom they took hostage.

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The burglars got busy with the looting and had gotten their hands on all the valuables inside the house, after raiding most of the cupboards and rooms inside the vicinity, they made their way to the room where the women were held, hostage.

One of the women from the three shouted out and forbade them from entering claiming that her husband had died recently and she was in mourning and according to Islamic values and traditions she was not to see another man till a set period of time.

Upon hearing this, the robbers had an instant change of heart and they left all the valuables they had carefully acquired and left the house, asking the women to pray from God so that he may ease their predicaments.

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The women gathered people from the neighborhood to narrate the uncanny tale from many were taken aback by in sheer surprise.

Inquiry of the incident from the local police came back empty-handed as the incident was not reported to them by the victims or the people residing in the neighborhood,



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