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Karachi traffic police unique action against wrong parking.

Karachi: Sindh Traffic Police comes up with a unique strategy to stop parallel parking by taking away number plates of these violators, leaving behind fine vouchers to reattain the plates.

Usually, the people who come to Saddar park their cars at no-parking zones that result in the congestion of traffic. The Traffic Police has been trying hard to curb this issue by lifting wrongly parked cars and taking them to the police station.

In spite of rampant car lifting, no one still bats an eye and continue parking cars in one of the busiest streets of Karachi. There are ample people who stay in the car while their family goes shopping. They refuse to move, telling the officers that they will adjust their cars accordingly.

In order to bring this illegal and unethical act to a complete halt, Sindh Traffic Police has come up with an unprecedented initiative by unscrewing the official number plates of these cars, leaving behind a fine challan on their windshields, guarded by the windshield wipers.

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