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Landlord tortures chained-children over theft  

Mailsi: A landlord on Thursday chained and tortured two children allegedly over theft allegation in Mailsi, a city in Vehari district of the Punjab province.

According to reports, a landlord identified as Ghulam Shabbir and his other associate tortured the children over allegedly committing a theft. The children were identified as 15-year-old Ahsan and 13-year-old Allah Baksh.

The witnesses said that the two children continued to beg mercy from the landlord during the torture episode but to no avail. The police in the area also refused to take any action against the culprits.

In June 2019, a seven-year-old housemaid was allegedly tortured by her employers in Faisalabad.

Maria, who used to work as a maid at a house in Nisar colony, was recovered by the local police last night. She was handed over to Child Protection and Welfare Bureau.

She bore torture marks on her face, ears, and arms and had swelled legs and feet.

A first information report (FIR) was registered against her employer, Owais and his wife Sonia after medical examination confirmed the torture inflicted on her.

The bureau said the accused have gone into hiding following registration of the case. It said the girl’s fingers were also broken, expressing the apprehension that she might have been subjected to sexual assault.

In a statement, the victim girl sharing her ordeal said her employers used to beat her more often than not.



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