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WATCH: Video showing leopard, porcupine battle goes viral

A video of battle between a leopard and a porcupine is doing rounds on social media and it has a message for all.

So what’s the message.

The message is loud and clear ‘to carry the energy of protecting yourself in authority without being outwardly aggressive’ and could easily be extracted from anyone after watching this video.

The 58-second clip shared on Twitter by Indian forest officer Parveen Kaswan, shows a leopard and porcupine engaged in a deadly battle on a highway.

The video shows big cat and porcupine coming head-on with each other. As the leopard reaches near, it is confronted with a coat of needle-like quills, giving the predator a sharp reminder that this animal is no easy meal.

The leopard was later seen withdrawing from the battle within seconds of engaging in it after hurting its mouth with the sharp spines of the porcupine.

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The mammal, who is in pain, could be seen walking past the porcupine into the grasslands and did not even dare to look at it again.

This is an old video, as per Parveen Kaswan as he said in his caption, “Continuing with #leopard vs #porcupine. This one old video of another encounter between them. Here leopard got a good lesson from porcupine With their sharp quills.”



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