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Mahira Khan demands justice for Zainab

Notable Pakistani actress Mahira Khan on Thursday sought justice for Zainab Ansari and innumerable unknown likes of her across the country.

“Justice should be served to Zainab. Maybe we have taken to streets over the death of this minor because we have ourselves witnessed the dead body (in pictures).

“What about those children and women who have been killed throughout all these so many years and we have not taken to streets for we could not find their pictures. Who will provide them justice,” she asked while talking to ARY News during a protest against Zainab’s murder.

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Body of a minor girl, Zainab, was found dumped in a garbage heap near Kashmir Chowk in Kasur on Tuesday.

In the light of initial postmortem, police said the minor was sexually assaulted before her murder. The girl was strangled to death after being raped multiple times, police said.

The incident shook the whole country and made headlines around the world. The incident was widely condemned and calls for justice echoed on social media and other platforms.

Mahira Khan said you could not say what if we hanged him and then again if such thing happened what should we do. This issue should not be isolated with one incident only. We should speak against it (in generic term), she said.

“Justice is basic right of a citizen. The government should provide justice to all the children like Zainab. The has failed to nip the evil of child molestation in the bud,” she said.

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Writing on her social media account, the actress asked the government to give the culprit exemplary punishment over murder of the minor.

“Find him!!! Do what it takes to find him and make an example out of him for Gods sake !! An example which scares anyone to even think about doing something like this again,” she said.



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