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Man arrested after dumping human head in a recycling bin in Spain

Police in Spain have arrested a man spotted dumping a human head by a recycling bin after discovering the body it belonged to in a nearby flat.

The alarm was raised after the suspect was seen carrying the head poking out of the bag before discarding it and running away.

Witnesses at first mistook the incident in the city of for a sick Halloween joke, with local reports saying the man had even shown the human head to some passers-by including children.

Police in the south-west city of Huelva near Spain’s border with Portugal were alerted around 3:00 pm yesterday after members of the public realized the head was real.

The arrest was made in a nearby flat just after 9:00 pm where officers also discovered the body of the dead man, described as a friend of the detainee who was aged around 50.

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Neither man has been named.

Footage emerged today of the police examining the bag containing the head after the area had been cordoned off.



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