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Man arrested for trying to rape job-seeking woman in Karachi  

KARACHI: Police on Monday arrested a man for allegedly trying to rape a woman after luring her into his trap of offering a job in Karachi, ARY NEWS reported.

The Sharafi Goth police while detailing the entire episode said that the woman was in need of a job and asked a person namely Haji Khan to make arrangements for her job as she was suffering from the severe financial crunch.

The accused lured the woman by asking her to visit Dawood Chowrangi for a job. During a meeting between the two which was filmed by the woman, the accused molested and tried to rape her.

“The suspect could be visibly seen in the video molesting the woman,” the police confirmed.

The police said that they have arrested Haji Khan and booked him under charges of sexual assault and fraud.

In a similar incident recently, a girl called in from Narowal for a job appointment was abducted and sexually assaulted by a group near the Lahore railway station.

Naulakha Police have registered a case in which the victim lady remained kidnapped by the group that had summoned her for a job interview.

According to the police, the victim was kidnapped in quarters near railway by suspects Rehman and Talha who kept sexually assaulting her repeatedly before she escaped and reached out to local police.

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In her statement to police, the victim said two men, Rehman and Talha, ensnared her for a job vacancy and took her to nearby quarters after she got off the train in Lahore. A man Naeem was already present in the quarters when she got here who pretended to interview her.

They later snatched my phone away and kept me in abduction for two straight days where I was made the target of repeated sexual abuse, the victim noted.

In an update by police, all three suspects in the case have been arrested and the case has been lodged for legal proceedings.



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