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BBC report exposes Indian claims as protests erupt in Occupied Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Thousands of Kashmiris have protested against Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir despite a curfew after India stripped the occupied valley of its special status through a presidential decree , a video tweeted by BBC South Asia showed on Saturday.

BBC South Asia Bureau Chief Nicola Careem shared a video on micro-blogging website Twitter showing how people in the Occupied Kashmir are protesting against the Indian move and are bravely facing Indian forces in the region.

“Despite government saying reports of protests in Saura were completely fabricated. Thousands marched, police fired on protesters, dozens injured,” wrote Careem while tweeting the video.

Sources also say that thousands of people have staged rallies, despite curfew in the occupied valley,  against India for revoking Kashmir’s special status. They were chanting slogans in favor of Pakistan and their right to self determination.

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Earlier, a Reuters report too confirmed that despite curfew and worst humans rights violations by India, At least 10,000 people protested against Delhi’s withdrawal of special rights for Muslim-majority Occupied Kashmir in its main city of Srinagar.

Kashmiri leaders had warned of a backlash in the area, where freedom fighters have been battling the Indian rule for nearly 30 years, leading to the martyrdom of more than 50,000 people.

A large group of people gathered in Srinagar’s Soura area, a police officer said, in violation of orders that prohibit the assembly of more than four people.

The crowd was pushed back by police at Aiwa bridge, where a witness said tear gas and pellets were used against them.

India this week scrapped Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s right to frame its own laws and allowed non-residents to buy property there.



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