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Minor girl dies as family gets distracted by another child during party

A three-year-old girl died after slipping into a swimming pool while her family was apparently distracted by another child during a backyard party.

The incident unfolded during a family backyard party attended by 12 people at a local home in United States.

Several people were in the backyard when the girl slipped in to the pool but did not notice, officials in Glendale, a city in Los Angeles County said.

“Approximately 12 family members including multiple children under the age of 10 were in the back yard when the little girl went underwater,’ the Glendale Fire Department told US media outlet.

‘The family members were reportedly distracted by another child when the toddler slipped into the pool unnoticed.’

Authorities said there was no fencing around the pool.

She was pulled from the water after an unknown amount of time and a family member began CPR, Glendale Fire Department spokeswoman Ashley Losch.

A neighbor who is a nurse also helped with CPR until emergency crews arrived, but the toddler could not be revived and was pronounced dead at a hospital later that day.

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“Another tragic, avoidable death yesterday,” fire officials tweeted on Sunday. “Please watch your kids around water. Designate a water watcher, someone whose entire purpose is to watch the water.”

Losch said the girl was one of four children under the age 10 who were in the backyard at the time of the incident. The family was from out of town and had rented the property to spend the holiday weekend, officials said.

Police are not planning to seek charges against anyone in the family, local media report says.



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