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WATCH: Woman discovers whole apartment rigth behind her bathroom mirror

A New York City resident stunningly discovered inside her house an entire apartment that had been stowing away right behind her bathroom mirror.

The local media reported the development as Samantha Hartsoe documented her discovery in a series of TikTok videos that have now gone massively viral on social media.

Hartsoe said the series of TikTok videos that she decided investigating how there was a cool breeze blowing inside her bathroom, despite there being no window or cooling vent.

In the viral clip that has been viewed more than 7 million times on TikTok till now, she showed how the breeze was strong enough to move her hair. This prompted her to begin searching her bathroom and it was then that she found it came from behind the mirror mounted above her sink.

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Hartsoe didn’t anticipate what she was to find while she moved the mirror. Behind the mirror, she discovered a large hole that opened up into a dark room.

“I need more answers,” she says in a video. “‘I have to go in and figure out what is on the other side of my bathroom.”

Then, wearing a face mask and gloves, and carrying a hammer for protection, Ms Hartsoe is seen entering the room. Once she climbs inside, she realises that she did not just stumble upon a secret room but a whole apartment. “Wow, this is a whole other apartment,” she says.

Footage she shared on TikTok shows the apartment littered with garbage bags and used water bottles – things that she remarks are “signs of life”.

“I was kind of expecting there to be somebody, especially with the water bottle being there,” Ms Hartsoe said in an interview to Curbed. “And that definitely put me on edge.”



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