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Mobile phone explodes in man’s pocket in Mumbai restaurant

Samsung has to a large extent recovered from a nightmare of exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries that virtually cost the brand of its worldwide image and millions of dollars. This model also had to face ban on several international flights.

Reports of blowing up of mobile phones of different makes are still common world over.

In one such freaky incident, mobile phone of a man having his meal inside a Mumbai restaurant suddenly blasts in his chest pocket creating panic in the restaurant.

A CCTV video footage of the incident from Monday shows the man hastily taking out phone from his shirt’s pocket and throwing it away. Clouds of smoke can be seen belching out of the phone. Other people and staff rushed off the scene on hearing the abrupt blast and watching smoke billowing.

Owner of the cell phone is reportedly injured and was admitted to a local hospital.

Make of the phone could not be known.

Mobile phones mostly explode due to over-charging and over-heating of circuit boards.

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