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Mother kills daughter for ‘honour’ in Gujranwala

ISLAMABAD: In a gruesome murder, a 24-year-old young girl was strangled to death by her own mother and brother in the name of honour in Gujranwala, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

According to the police, the young girl, Aqsa, wanted to marry a man of her choice against the wishes of her family. Her mother and brother strangled her to death and told the people that she was killed during a robbery at their house, the police added.

Her family approached the police and registered a robbery-cum-murder case. The police launched investigations into the blind murder case.

Meanwhile, Aqsa’s elder sister told the real story to the police officials. The police took her mother, Nasreen Bibi, and brother, Shahzad, into custody on suspicion. During initial investigation, they confessed to their crime.

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Earlier on February 16, a woman had been killed in the name of honour in a suburb area of Mianwali district of the Punjab province.

According to details, a woman, whose identity was not known, had been strangulated to death by her brother and husband in Shadia, a union council of Mianwali.

A case had been registered at a Mianwali police station on the complaint of another brother of the victim. The police had initiated a search for the culprits.




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