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MQM refutes Saulat Mirza's allegations

MQM’s co-ordination committee (Rabita Committee) strongly reacted to the target killer’s statement released on media hours before the murderer’s planned execution.

“This statement is a unique example in Pakistan’s history as not a single death row convict’s video statement was released on media before today”, said MQM leader Haider Abbas Rizvi.

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Rizvi questioned that why other death row convicts’ last statements are not presented on media.

MQM RC asked that if the allegations were true then why they were not brought forward during judicial probe of Saulat Mirza.

The party leadership claimed that such efforts will not bear fruit adding that MQM’s supporters and workers cannot be misguided with the ‘conspiracy’.

Earlier, MQM chief Altaf Hussain while exclusively speaking to ARY News said that the whole episode was staged to defame MQM on national and international level.

Party leader Babar Ghouri too refuted the allegations by terming it a ‘conspiracy’ against MQM.

It must be noted that notorious target killer Saulat Mirza in a video which appeared hours before his planned execution claimed that he killed KESC Managing Director Shahid Hamid on direct orders from MQM chief Altaf Hussain.

The orders were given through MQM leader Babar Ghouri.

The death row convict also claimed that MQM misuses its workers and then disposes off them like tissue paper.

Saulat Mirza’s execution is now delayed for 72 hours.



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