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Musharraf verdict: Religious scholar weighs in on dragging and hanging of corpse

KARACHI: Mufti Naeem, founder of Jamia Binoria, weighing in on a special court’s detailed verdict in the high treason case in which it ordered dragging and hanging of former president retired General Pervez Musharraf’s corpse, billed the ruling as extremely dangerous.

Speaking during ARY News morning programme Bakhabar Savera today, the famed religious scholar said the verdict is unfair as it doesn’t comply with Shariah. He added Islam doesn’t permit treating a corpse with contempt.

He was of the view that humans deserve respect even after death.

The verdict either reeks of vengeance or personal grudge, Mufti Naeem said, adding every person has the right to a complete defence.

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Earlier, on Dec 19, a petition was filed in the Supreme Court (SC) Karachi Registry that challenged the special court’s verdict of the death penalty handed to former military ruler General Retired Pervez Musharraf in the high treason case.

The petitioner said that high treason act did not apply to Pervez Musharraf and Article 6 has been converted into the 18th constitutional amendment. It further stated that the former president had imposed the state of emergency in 2007, whereas, the 18th amendment was made in 2010.

It added the law and constitution were not breached in the Musharraf’s era as he had given legal and constitutional status to his rulership through organising a referendum.



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