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Dr Sagheer Ahmed joins Mustafa Kamal in ‘crusade against MQM’

Addressing a crowded press conference flanked alongside Kamal and Anees Qaimkhani, he said he could not resist himself from bringing about change in the city’s political system.

“I have come here on my own. I never contacted Kamal and Anees when they left the party,” said Ahmed, who was also a former Rabitta Committee member.

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I resign as MPA because I was not able to deliver to people, he added.

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He said he didnt understand the uncertainty and shock in politics just because of two persons [Qaimkhani and Kamal]. Without naming anyone, he said “I appeal all concerned to do politics to serve people, not to please anyone.”

The ex-health minister said he had been part of the same system, but “I feel, enough is enough!”

Sagheer blasts Altaf Hussain

Sagheer Ahmed said what the MQM chief had given back to public in response to their support.

“Intoxicated speeches, adult lecture… what are you speaking to public.”

He said: “This myth has to end now.” Dr. Ahmed said he had been arguing with his family and relatives for a long time and defending the party.

“We never looked after Eid festivals, family issues, parents…We treated party chief like a God. But what we got in return,” asked Ahmed.

He said Muhajir and Urdu-speaking people were not at all anti-Pakistan.

Dr. Ahmed said no educated person is joining MQM, because party doesn’t want them. He accused that the party needs person who should look like a goon.

Without naming Altaf Hussain, Dr. Ahmed said: “You dont care about anyone. What have you given to workers in return. What is purpose of movement.”

‘Politics of dead bodies should now end’

He said the supremo doesn’t care about any person. “Family of slain workers kept asking me when MQM leaders took bodies to the CM House for protest, to bring back corpses. But I could not do anything.”

He urged party leadership to respect party workers. “If any family member of MQM activist castigates the party, we get directions to beat them up.”

I urge all Pakistanis and citizens of Karachi to move forward and play your role for change in the system.

He said he had been a minister for three times, “why didnt the party change me if I was ‘incompetent’.”

‘New provinces card’

Talking to media, Mustafa Kamal said people would often get scared when the MQM leadership demanded new provinces. People knew that the demand was coming from a person who has connections with Indian spy agency RAW.

He, however, said creation of new provinces is inevitable. This existing system cant stay till the end of world.

“When people of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtonkhwa, Balochistan and Punjab would demand new province, it will come to existence.”

Earlier, Kamal, however, refused to divulge further details of the political figure, saying revelation of the name could risk security issues for the man.

He along with Anees Qaimkhani had to address a press conference at 3pm today, but the presser has been delayed due to expected meeting between the political personality and Kamal, and Qaimkhani.

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The disgruntled MQM leader told media men that he will first hold a meeting with ‘that person’ and will address a joint press conference after that.

When asked, Kamal ruled out that Hammmad Siddiqui was going to join his party.

Siddiqui was named as one of the notorious criminals of Karachi. He has been the in-charge of MQM’s powerful Tanzeemi Committee of Karachi. He was accused of setting Baldia factory on fire after its owners refused to pay extortion money. At least 260 workers were burnt alive in the factory blaze in September 2012.

Siddiqui had fled the country after law enforcement agencies began crackdown to capture him.

Earlier when speculations were rife about possible new leader to Kamal’s party, several names were coming to the light.

Senior political analyst Dr. Shahid Masood, while talking to ARY News, had said that several names were doing rounds who could be next in line to join the ex-mayor’s unnamed political party.

He said it could be any figure including Faisal Sabzwari or Raza Haroon — as their names werebeing circulated.

He said after the new entry to Kamal’s party, the London-based leaders of MQM will be under hot water.

Mr. Masood said Anees Advocate – Mutahidda’s important leader from Hyderabad – could also be one who may join former mayor’s political party.

He said Amir Khan was now facing a big pressure as Anis Qaimkhani left the MQM only because of Khan.

Faisal Vawda telephones Kamal

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Faisal Vawda has telephoned Mustafa Kamal and exchanged views on the current Karachi situation.

He said PTI would cooperate in all possible way for the people of the metropolis. They agreed to working together for betterment of Karachi.

Vawda has been quite vocal in criticism of MQM in recent times. He had also travelled to London with ‘proofs’ against MQM chief Altaf Hussain to provide them to Scotland Yard. However, his actions could not yield any result.



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