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Who is Dr Sagheer Ahmed?

Ahmad has been an MPA three times including in the current Sindh Assembly. He also an MPA from 2005-08 and 2008-13. He was Sindh’s health minister till 2014 and was removed from his post by the party in August 2014.

He has also served as minister for environment in the Sindh government in 2005-2007.

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He is a doctor and graduated from Dow Medical College (now known as Dow University of Medical Sciences) and also has an M.Phil from the University of Karachi.

He served as a minister thrice having portfolios of health and environment.

In the current Sindh Assembly, he is also a member of the Standing Committee on Labour and Human Resources.

In the 2013 election, Dr Sagheer Ahmed won PS 117 seat bagging 43,924 votes against 21,754 votes of PTI’s Ahsan Jabbar.

PS-117 includes the following areas: PIB Colony, Amynabad, Clayton Quarters, Jamshed Quarters, Jehangir Road, Martin Quarters, Usmania Mohajir Colony, Pakistan Quarters, Islam Nagar, People’s Colony, Mohammadi Colony, Mustafa Colony, Patel Para, Garden East, Soldier Bazaar, Parsi Colony, Catholic Colony, etc.

According to Ahmed, he remained with the party for 28 years.



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