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Naval forces of 45 countries to participate in ‘Aman 2021’

ISLAMABAD: About 45 countries will participate in the upcoming multinational ‘Aman 2021’ exercise to be hosted by the Pakistan Navy, Commander Pakistan fleet Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf said at a media briefing.

He said this exercise will provide a common platform for sharing of information, mutual understanding and highlighting common naval interests. He added the Pakistan Navy has been conducting the Aman exercise since 2007.

Admiral Naveed Ashraf pointed out the Aman exercise reflects commitment against multilateral threats and promotion of regional harmony and mutual cooperation. He said joint maritime security is of paramount importance to ensure peace and stability in the region.

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He said the exercise is a reflection that nations can play a constructive role in building new ties, establishing innovative relationships and strengthening existing ones.

“Pakistan has remained steadfast in fighting the forces of terror and tyranny with countless sacrifices and losses,” Admiral Naveed Ashraf said, adding the on-going COVID-19 pandemic has added yet another dimension to the already complex security milieu.



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