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Newborn dies at Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital owing to ‘doctors’ negligence’

LAHORE: A newborn baby on Friday died at the Jinnah Hospital in Lahore owing to a shortage of oxygen with the family blaming the doctors for their negligence, ARY NEWS reported.

According to details,  a five-day baby died at the gynecology ward of the Jinnah Hospital owing to a lack of oxygen supply. The incident infuriated the family members, who created ruckus in the emergency ward, causing problems for the other patients.

The hospital administration summoned police to take control of the situation as the family staged a protest outside the hospital, demanding action against doctors for their negligence.

“We were not allowed to see the face of our child for five days,” they said adding that five days later they were informed regarding the death of the newborn baby.

They further alleged that the child was shifted to an ICU and remained there for three days but was not provided with adequate oxygen facilities.

In a similar incident, in what was blamed on negligence on the part of its administration, two newborns died allegedly for want of oxygen at a hospital in Bhakkar district of Punjab in March 2020.

The newborn children died reportedly due to a lack of oxygen at the DHQ Hospital.

Relatives of the deceased babies demonstrated against the hospital staff on Nursery Road saying their children died due to paucity of oxygen.

They maintained they were forced out of the medical facility when they protested against the staff.



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