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Opposition parties unite to test govt over Panama Papers

Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah has rejected the government-proposed commission entitled with probing all wrongdoings and corruption in the country since 1947.

Senior PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi also met Khursheed Shah and decided that all opposition parties would meet on May 2 to devise a strategy in this regard.

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It’s prime minister and his family facing allegations of having offshore wealth in the Panama Papers, hence only PM should face investigation and accountability,” stated Shah.

The government wants that the accountability must be across the board and start from 1947 so that it extends to everyone, but opposition have rejected the demand and threatened to broaden scope of its protest if commission was formed with such an aim.

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In his address to nation on April 22, PM Sharif had said that if any allegation against him was proven, he would resign from the post of Prime Minister without a second’s delay. He also spoke at length about the atrocities he had faced during the time when General Musharraf had him exiled to Saudi Arabia.

“Those who ask us questions about factories in Saudi Arabia should tell us who sent us there?,” he asked. “When I was exiled, why didn’t anyone have the courage to go to the Supreme Court of Pakistan? Even our houses were locked,” he said.

Nawaz also said that those who were calling for accountability should also be accounted. “Who will account for the losses of billions which Pakistan incurred due to the dharna circus?” he asked. “Our vision is for a safe and progressive Pakistan while these people wish for the government to be distracted and get embroiled in such false, baseless allegations,” he claimed.



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