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Family attempts to shut main valve of oxygen supply after COVID patient dies

In what could have been a major tragedy, family members of a patient who reportedly died owing to COVID-19 allegedly attempted to shut the main valve of the oxygen supply to the health facility besides also attacking the staffers.

The incident occurred at Guna district hospital in India’s Madhya Pradesh, where a Covid infected patient R D Srivastava died at the health facility. When the hospital staff informed the family, they allegedly attacked the staff of the healthcare facility.

According to local media reports, besides attacking, the enraged attendants also tried to shut the valve of oxygen supply to the hospital, who were later stopped by the staffers from committing the act.

“If he had succeeded in closing it, it would have ended in the death of at least 22 patients who are undergoing treatment at the hospital,” said an official at the hospital.

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The hospital further denied that the deceased patient was not provided with a better healthcare facility and said that they provided him the best possible treatment but unfortunately, he died around 5 am.

“Following the death, his family members resorted to vandalism, destruction of hospital property, and assaulted our doctors and staff,” alleged Dr. Pankaj.



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