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‘Pad Man’ postponed as goodwill gesture for ‘Padmaavat’

Bollywood film fans were stuck in dilemma after ‘Padmaavat’ announced its release on January 25 in clash with ‘Pad Man’, but the enigma has been resolved amicably by makers of both the movies.

Pad Man hero Akshay Kumar in a press conference with ‘Padmaavat’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali announced to defer his movie to give space to Bhansali’s which has come a long way to finally get clearance for nationwide release.

Akshay said when he was busy in rehearsal for ‘Film Fare Awards’ Sanjay Bhansali approached him and asked him to reschedule Pad Man.

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“We belong to the same ‘family’ and I can understand that he’s gone through a lot and the producer has made big investment in the movie,” he said.

“I can understand that his need is more for this date than mine,” he said.

Akshay Kumar announced that Pad Man will now be released on February 9.

The controversy-draped Padmavati was originally slated for release on December 1 last year, however following serious threats the film was indefinitely postponed and referred to Indian Central Board of Film Certification for strict scrutiny.

Now when it had been cleared by the censors after suggesting some modifications including a change in the movie title, it faced ban by different Indian states which was later ruled out by the top court.



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