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Pakistan not to recognize Israel, says UN envoy Munir Akram

NEW YORK: Permanent Representative of Pakistan to United Nations (UN) Munir Akram on Tuesday said that Pakistan is not a weak state to recognize Israel as a nation, ARY NEWS reported.

Certain countries have normalized relations with Israel but Pakistan is not a weak state to follow their footsteps, he said in a statement issued today.

Munir Akram said that Pakistan has to review its policy and interests while deciding on a matter and a nuclear-armed state could not be forced to change its policy.

Countries that have accepted Israel could result in weakening their stance on occupied Kashmir, he said adding that they could not withdraw from supporting the just right of self-determination by Palestinians.

“Pakistan has always supported the principle of the right of self-determination globally since its establishment,” he said.

On August 18, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan will never recognize Israel until the independence of Palestine

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In an interview with a local news channel, PM Imran Khan had said, “Our stance is very clear from day one. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had said Pakistan can never accept Israel until the people of Palestine get rights and state.”

He had maintained, “Recognizing Israel is equivalent to give up the country’s stance on occupied Kashmir and this we cannot do.”



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