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PDMA ill-equipped to deal with threats like toxic gas: CM Murad Ali Shah

KARACHI: The toxic gas leakage at the port area of Kemari was made known to me by a local member of the provincial ministry, revealed Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

CM Sindh said that MPA Liaquat Askani had made him aware about the presence of a certain gas which to him had leaked from a vessel that had anchored down at the Karachi port.

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Shah said that something from the vessel which was being offloaded was emitting the toxic pungent gas according to the MPA.

Murad Ali Shah said that the Provincial Disaster Management Authorities (PDMA) were ill-equipped to handle such a threat and that resulted in the deaths of 14 individuals thus far and left hundreds hospitalized with breathing problems.

Shah said that the PDMA needs to prepare itself for such unforeseen threats.

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Pakistan State Oil (PSO) along with other private oil companies in the country have started closing down there oil terminals situated alongside the Kemari port area of Karachi due to the presence of dangerous toxic gas in the air.

The persistent threat of toxic gas in the areas near the Kemari port of Karachi has forced companies, institutes and individuals to take precautionary measures.



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