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PIA terminates services of 74 employees

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Tuesday terminated the services of 74 employees on various charges, including fake degrees, breach of rules, taking bribe and smuggling during the last month, ARY News reported.   

According to a notification issued by the national flag carrier, the 74 employees were sacked after charges levelled against them were found true during the investigations.

Four employees faced demotion over breach of rules, while 11 others employees faced disciplinary actions, said that spokesperson. He said that PIA will be cleansed of black sheep.

However, the organization awarded appreciation letters to 17 employees and cash prize to five officials  for showing dedication and commitment to their duty.

Read More: PIA terminates five more pilots over ‘bogus licences’

Earlier on August 3, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had terminated five more pilots over possessing ‘bogus flying licences.’

According to a notification issued by PIA, the national flag carrier had dismissed 63 employees, including fake or tampered degrees, breach of rules and prolonged absence during the month of July-2020.

Out of the 63 employees, 28 had been sacked over allegedly possession fake or tempered degrees, 27 over prolonged and unauthorized absence, two over embezzlement, one for in efficiency, five pilots over bogus flying license.




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