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Ready to talk with opposition on any issue except NRO: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that they have never backtracked from national dialogue and the best place for any political dialogue is Parliament, ARY NEWS reported.

Speaking to media during his visit to Sialkot, the prime minister said that he had reiterated on the first day in office that he was ready to respond to any queries in the Parliament.

“The democracy will only prosper when there is a debate,” he said adding that whenever they sought a dialogue with the opposition, they came up with the demand to let go of their corruption cases.

Imran Khan said that even the cases being persuaded nowadays were filed by these opposition leaders against each other. “Ishaq Dar, children of Nawaz Sharif and other relatives of the Sharif Family ran away from the country during the previous tenure,” Khan pointed.

He said that the government was ready to discuss any issue with opposition except an NRO or cancellation of corruption cases.

Speaking of the anti-government move from the opposition parties, the prime minister said that the only way to send the incumbent government packing was to bring a no-confidence motion against them.

“Come to the assembly and bring a no-confidence motion against the government,” Imran Khan asked the opposition and further added that in case of en masse resignations from the assemblies, the government would hold by-polls on all vacant seats and would be able to secure more power.

He challenged the opposition that even 11 parties of the PDM could not hold a public gathering of the size held by the PTI previously.

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The prime minister said that the major success of the incumbent government was to rescue the country from going into bankruptcy as the PTI-government inherited a historic debt after assuming power.

“Our major challenge was to come out of the financial backlog, the previous government left behind,” he said adding that finally the economy has shown positive trends and the government is further launching major projects including dams and cities’ projects -Bundal Island and Ravi River Project- to move the economic cycle.



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