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‘PM Imran has given peace another chance in region’: CM Buzdar  

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar on Saturday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had given peace another change in the region and his gesture of peace would be written in golden words in the history.

According to a statement released from his office, CM Buzdar said, “PM Imran Khan has given the message of peace to people and government of India and now it’s New Delhi’s turn to respond.”

He said that Pakistan has always made solid measures for peace despite warmongering of India and added that the release of Indian pilot had been greatly admired by the international community.

The chief minister said that Imran Khan had proved himself a great leader by taking the step forward toward peace. He said that India should also take measures to restore peace in the region.

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Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, on February 24, had said that India’s war mongering and aggressive strategy to surpass independence movement of Kashmiris people was the greatest hurdle in the way of regional peace of region.

According to a statement released from his office, CM Buzdar had said that India had crossed every limit of atrocities and violating human rights in occupied Kashmir.  He had said that Pakistan strongly condemned this self-created drama of Indian government through which they were instigating war-like situation nevertheless this stubborn attitude had exposed them before the whole world.



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