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PM’s silence over Altaf’s statement ‘astonishing’: Imran Khan

PTI chief said that the silence from the government following British citizen Altaf Hussain’s attack on the Pakistan Army is inexplicable as it is the job of the government to defend all state institutions.

“Why was the ISPR DG compelled to respond to UK citizen Altaf Hussain’s hysterical outbursts against army?”, said Imran Khan.

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Khan maintained that it was shameful how all media laws of PEMRA are allowed to be violated when a British citizen gives fiery speeches to a captive audience in Karachi from London and incites them to violence against the state.

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He said it was inexplicable that when a police officer SSP Rao Anwar points out to the dangerous activities of MQM including violence, instead of acting on the evidence, the officer is immediately removed.

Imran Khan said that it was unfortunate that the PM is busy worrying about another country’s security while his own country, especially Karachi is in flames.



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