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Poverty Graduation Initiative to provide resources, skills training to needy: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that he was pleased to launch the National Poverty Graduation Initiative under the Ehsaas program, ARY News reported.

PM Khan in the tweet said that the key aim of the project was to takeout millions of people out of poverty by targeting funds and to provide resources, skills training to the most marginalized communities.

Earlier in the day, PM Khan on twitter shared an Ayn Rand quote to shine a light over the current situation of the country.

Khan in the tweet quoted a passage from noted literary Ayn Rand with a tweet reading: “This is so apt for Pakistan inherited by the PTI govt.”

Earlier on Friday, PM Khan launched the National Poverty Graduation Initiative to help the poor fight poverty by providing them interest-free loans.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the initiative in the federal capital, he said the government will introduce new initiatives under the umbrella of the Ehsas Programme every month to pull the people out of poverty.

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The prime minister distributed cheques of varying amounts of interest-free loans to help the poor set up businesses on a small scale to uplift their living standards.

The prime minister regretted previously, people came to power to serve the masses but instead served their interests.

“Naya Pakistan will pull the poor out of poverty,” said Mr Khan, citing Chinese example of bringing as many as 70o million people out of poverty over a period of 30 years.

Explaining the purpose of the initiative, he said it is aimed to transform the mindset of the people and bring them above the poverty line and make them prosperous.

“We are giving interest-free loans to 82,000 people today. InshAllah, we will empower the weak segment of society,” the premier said.

He said the PTI government is launching various welfare projects with a view to build the country on the pattern of state of Madina.

He announced three to ten per cent reward for those individuals who would identify benami properties owned Pakistani citizens. He said the amount recovered from such benami properties will be added to Ehsas programme.



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