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Here is what gamers will get in PUBG Mobile Season 11

Gamers’ interest in the Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) remains intact as it brings frequent changes in the game, improving the quality of terrains, graphics, weapons and much more.

The new thing in the box is the introduction of the PUBG Mobile Season 11, whose release date is fast-approaching as gamers anticipate better terrains and new weapons in it than the previous season.

The gaming authorities launched the last version of the game titled PUBG season 10 on November 09, 2019, and it introduced many new things to the game, which includes the following: MP5K, New TDM Map Ruins & Royale Pass: Fury of the Wasteland.

One of the prominent PUBG “Classified YT”, has revealed details about PUBG Season 11 Royal Pass & its rewards. PUBG Mobile Season 11 will bring in two Royale Pass for players, which include the following: Elite Upgrade & Elite Upgrade Plus. The former will cost players 600 UC, whereas the latter will cost players 1800 UC.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 will bring in a new 100 RP outfit, which looks super cool & classy. Well, as players progress through tiers, they will get new rewards & cosmetics. After reaching the gold tier, players will get a new red & black outfit.

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Players will also get a new MK14 skin after reaching the diamond tier. They can also earn Season 11 parachute skin once they hit Ace. Well, you can check the video of Ghost Gaming & Classified YT to learn more about the currently leaked data.

Although any dates are not announced for the release of the new version of the game, however, it is expected that the release date for PUBG Mobile Season 11 will be on January 5th, 2020 as each season lasts around two months before the next one comes around so you have to expect the developers will give you plenty to do.



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