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10-foot-long python dies after swallowing deer

The python who swallowed a whole deer from the sugarcane fields in the Indian state of Uttar Pardesh died mysteriously moments after it coughed up the remains of the deer on Monday.

It was first spotted by a girl in the sugar cane fields in Amroha district, from where the locals dragged it out and released it about 3 kilometres away from the fields near the banks of the Ganga. However, it died after spewing out the deer carcass.

The python in a sugarcane field near Malipura village. She saw the massive serpent while collecting fodder, said reports.

When she alerted the locals, it set an alarm and the villagers rushed to the spot. The villagers noted the python was heavily bloated. They initially suspected the snake had swallowed a child. As fear mounted, the rumour spread fast in the village and the field was cordoned off for safety reasons. A group of locals already dragged the python out of the fields before the forest department team arrived local police.

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The python was released about 3 kilometres away near the banks of the Ganga where it died shortly spewing out the deer carcass.

The forest team which was contacted in the case is now “probing the cause behind the reptile death”, said Subhash Chaudhary, a ranger of Hasanpur area.

Earlier in June, another 15-feet python swallowed a whole peacock near a forest in Haryana, India.

Terrified by the incident, the villagers called the police. By the time officials arrived, the python had swallowed the peacock completely and disappeared in the forest.



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