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Ex-Rabita Committee member Waseem Aftab, MPA Iftikhar join Mustafa Kamal

Kamal introduced Aftab and member provincial assembly Iftikhar Alam to the media before the press conference kicked off.

Alam also announced to resign from Sindh Assembly. He was elected from PS-106 in general elections 2013.

Addressing the media, Aftab said he remained associated with the MQM since 1987. He said it was a community whose people ruled the literary segments of society. Today, people fear of the MQM representatives, he added.

Fact in spotlight: Less than a year ago, Waseem Aftab was revealed to be a ghost employee in the Sindh health department — in Grade 19


He said: “When our efforts for party were not yielding positive results, we began to realize that problems lie within our own ranks.”

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Without naming MQM chief Altaf Hussain, Aftab said, “We felt after repeated struggles that the man for whom we sacrificed a lot is himself leading to plunge nation into crisis.”

Waseem Aftab join Kamal’s party by arynews

The ex-MQM leader said allegations of MQM connections with RAW are not wrong, but difficult to prove.

He recalled that MQM joined and quit PPP-led provincial governments over time and again, but results were unproductive.

He admitted that he didnt the become aware of reality of the party until he was made member of RAbita Commitee. He said, without naming anyone, that directions were coming to workers to collect “Zakat, Fitra and hides of sacrificial animals at all cost” despite problems facing the activists.

Another fact: The first Karachi Tanzeemi Commitee was headed by MQM leader Waseem Aftab — an All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organisation stalwart, who was later elevated to the coordination committee.


“Workers are like a (toilet) tissue paper for the man ruling the roost,” he said.

He urged the party chief to have mercy on workers and the people. “Please leave this nation alone and we beg you to leave us.”

Aftab alleged that supporters of “that man” know nothing who claim to be champion of people’s rights.

MQM MPA also speak up against his party

Speaking on the occasion, MPA Iftikhar said workers had several questions in mind, but they fear to take a step. But after witnessing Kamal and his comrades, we decided to speak up.

He said Altaf Hussain kept on speaking about breaking Pakistan.

“We ask… we remained in the party for 28 years. How long we will have to prove our loyalty to the party chief,” he said.

If, he said, our loyalty is doubted we can no longer associated with the MQM. Hence we decided to come to Kamal, “who is working for the betterment of Pakistan.”

He claimed that MQM workers are living in despair and in extreme poverty, but no one is there to look after them. “We were asked to visit residence of party martyrs, give a ‘lolly pop’ to heirs, but nothing happens beyond that.”

Alam said the party chief doesn’t care about consequences arise in the wake of his speeches for party leaders.

He called upon MQM workers to leave the party and demonstrate moral courage to stand up for the right. He claimed that the most egoistic person in MQM is Mr. Altaf Hussain.

“This is not an easy decision for us to part ways with the party.”

He recalled that four party activists were killed, whose bodies were brought to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Next day, the instructions came to take the corpses to Jinnah Ground for media coverage and politicisation of the issue. He blasted party leadership for not allowing victims families to have a glimpse of bodies their loved ones.

Election plan of Mustafa Kamal

Dissident MQM leader Mustafa Kamal, in his talk, says party leaders have now risen to launch cleanliness drive in the city after our arrival.

Regarding his election plans, he said his party was mobilising masses at the moment, adding if elections takes place in 2-3 months, then his party cant take part in the polls. “But we will give our message to the masses.”

Earlier, Kamal told the media that he would continue inviting journalists for similar press conferences in days to come.



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