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Sajid Sadpara loses hope for his father’s return

SKARDU: Sajid Sadpara has lost hope for his father, Muhammad Ali Sadpara’ return, a Pakistani climber, who along with two foreign climbers went missing while attempting to summit the world’s second-highest mountain K2.

“Pakistan has lost a great mountaineer, my father and two other climbers are no more with us,” Sajid Ali Sadpara said while peaking to media in Skardu, Sajid Sadpara.

Sorrowful Sadpara said his father summited eight mountains of over altitude of 8,000 meters. He also thanked the nation, the government of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force for their support and for taking every possible step to recover his missing father.

Meanwhile, Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan has declared missing mountaineers Ali Sadpara and his companions John Snorri from Iceland and Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile as dead.

“Keeping in mind the weather conditions at K2, Pakistan Army, government and family of the mountaineer have reached the conclusion that Ali Sadpara and his comrades have expired,” he said while addressing a press confernece.

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On February 5, Pakistan’s Muhammad Ali Sadpara and two foreign climbers, John Snorri from Iceland and JP Mohr from Chile went missing while attempting to summit K2.

Soon after, the land and aerial search to find the missing climbers was kicked off by the Pakistan Army rescue teams but failed to trace any clue of the team.



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