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Saudi student saves elderly Australian neighbour from blaze

ADELAIDE: A Saudi man reportedly risked his life to rescue his 94-year-old Australian neighbour from a fire that broke out in her home, local media posted.

Noah Al Thakry Al Harbi, who studies in Adelaide in Australia, said he was taking a nap in the afternoon when he woke up to the screams of a neighbour.

“The elderly woman was seeking help after a fire broke out in her neighbour’s house. I rushed to the burning house and tried to open the front door, but I could not.

So I went to the back window, broke it and managed to get my elderly neighbour out of the window as the fire reached the back door,” he said.

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Al Harbi added after that he lost consciousness and regained his senses in hospital later, he found he had deep cuts to his right arm and suffocated after inhaling smoke.

Al Harbi is in stable condition and recovering in hospital.
The family of the Saudi club in Adelaide wished Al Harbi a full recovery



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