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Court gives until June to remove encroachments from Sindh irrigation lands

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has Monday released its verdict against encroachment of large segments of land designated for the irrigation system of the province as it ordered authorities to clear all irrigation land before July, ARY News reported.

The larger bench of SHC has however approved recommendations by the provincial government to raze down the encroachments from irrigation department land in three phases.

There will be no more extensions on this once the deadline has passed, the court told the authorities.

The court said firstly the land violations from canals and dams will be removed in the initial phase which would continue until February 28, followed with the second phase where the authorities will eliminate the encroachments which are under siege for commercial purposes.

The second phase according to SHC’s verdict shall end on April 30 which will be succeeded by the third and last phase until June 30 where the squatters who have been using irrigation lands for illegal residence.

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It may be noted that the court has declined all the appeals and pleas asking for a stay or reconsideration on its order noting that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has already ordered removal of all encroachments from the government land and advised appealing parties to reach out to SCP for their prayers.

The court adjourned its hearing today with an instruction to furnish before it a report on anti-encroachment drive in the next hearing.



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