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Two young daughters abducted but SHO won’t file FIR, father laments to seniors

JACOBABAD: The Station House Officer (SHO) in Mubarakpur town has been suspended earlier Thursday for allegedly harassing a family as they struggled to get a case lodged into the kidnapping of their two daughters, ARY News reported.

According to the details, a man whose two daughters have been allegedly abducted, wrote to Deputy Inspector General of Larkana after SHO Anis Shaikh didn’t facilitate the aggrieved.

In response to the application put forward by the victim’s father, the DIG attached a written note with his plea and directed him to go back to the relevant SHO for lodging the case.

However, despite going back to Mubarakpur station, the SHO still declined the request, the father claimed, but this time the DIG’s orders were also not heeded.

The man went to DIG Larkana’s office again and retold him his account following which the official suspended his subordinate SHO for not complying.

On the other hand, the SHO said the victim’s father never came to the station.

READ: Lahore man allegedly kills 25-year-old while imposing ‘abortion’ on her

Separately to happen today, the bereaved family of a 25-year-old woman, who died under mysterious circumstances, has booked one of their neighbors on murder charges alleging he attempted to get an abortion for their daughter.

Police have now the custody of the suspect Aijaz, who the father claimed administered abortion to the victim woman, and when she died amidst the procedure, he put on a pretense of an accident.

Aijaz tried to get the 25-year-old an abortion, said the police as they arrested him following an FIR on the complaint of the father.



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