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Sindh gas crisis has intensified with winter’s arrival: Imtiaz Shaikh

KARACHI: Sindh energy minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh said Saturday domestic gas crisis in the province has intensified with the advent of winters while the federal government has done nothing about it, ARY News reported.

Imtiaz Shaikh Right since the winter has barely arrived, domestic consumers have begun experiencing gas shortage already while the province is being compelled to buy expensive gas notwithstanding the fact that it produces it locally.

The energy minister said Sindh province produces more gas than it requires for itself but in spite of this when it comes to distribution the province does not get its fair share.

This is an unbearable behaviour of federal with smaller provinces, he said today, adding that under Article 158 of the constitution the central government is required to provide gas to Sindh according to its requirements.

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On the other hand, the federal energy minister Omar Ayub said  yesterday Pakistan is planning to lay down a new gas pipeline with the cooperation of Russia citing fast decline of gas reservoirs of the country.

He blamed PPP and PML-N for doing nothing during their previous tenures for tackling the situation. “They did not sign any tenders for new gas reservoirs,” he said.

“The recent hike in power tariff is also due to agreements signed by the previous governments,” the energy minister said and further announced that the government has signed an agreement for producing electricity from solar power at the rate of Rs6.5 per unit.

Speaking regarding improving the power situation in Hyderabad, Omar Ayub said that they would improve the HESCO system by installing more feeders. “We will also continue our action against power theft in the city,” he said.




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