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Meeting called to finalise date for reopening schools, universities in Sindh

KARACHI: Sindh Minister Saeed Ghani has summoned a meeting of the steering committee of the provincial education department today to take important decisions regarding the reopening of schools and universities, ARY News reported.

The Sindh government will take final decisions for reopening schools and universities across the province after a significant decline in COVID-19 cases.

Saeed Ghani will chair an important meeting of the provincial education department’s steering committee today to review recommendations for the resumption of academic activities in all educational institutions.

The concerned authorities will deliberate upon the suggestion for reopening schools for the students of Class 9 and Class 10 from September 15. It was also recommended to allow resuming routine classes for primary students from nursery level to Class 6 from October 1.

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Earlier on Tuesday, the Sindh government had hinted to reopen all schools in the province from September 15 and issued standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The provincial government had issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be adopted by the schools’ management, students, teachers and others in the province during the academic session starting from September 15.

SOPs for School Management

  • Regularly disinfect schools buildings, classrooms, water and sanitation facilities
  • Adjust school days and timings to avoid large gathering of students in a classroom
  • Split students of Pre-Primary, Primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary in number of shifts
  • Avoid a large number of teachers in a classroom
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory
  • Use Saturday as working day till pandemic is over
  • Students, teachers and other staff with Covid-19 symptoms will not be allowed to enter schools
  • Morning assembly must be held in the respective classroom.
  • Place hand sanitizers in halls

SOPs for Teachers

  • Teach the students to cover mouth and nose while coughing
  • Ensure classroom furniture is properly placed with adequate distance
  • Encourage students to express and communicate their feelings

SOPs for Students

  • Wear face mask during travel and schooling
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Don’t touch the face
  • Do not share cups, food or drinks with others
  • Don’t stigmatize your peers or tease anyone about being sick

SOPs for Transport

  • The school van/ vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned/ disinfected before the start of each shift
  • Van driver must ensure that all students, staff including himself are wearing masks
  • The van driver must leave only after all students are through so that no child is left outside the gate in case of fever.



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