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Here is what happened with the first victim of Karachi’s mystery knife attacker

KARACHI:  A mysterious knife attacker is roaming Karachi’s streets attacking random women with a sharp object and police are looking for him after the story made headlines in the local media.

The law enforcers have arrested suspects but what happened with the first victim of this “psychopath” aptly describes what we all call the “Thaana Culture” and police’s casual and insensitive attitude towards those who file complaints.

The girl, along with her parents appeared on ARY News talk show 11th Hour and narrated her ordeal.

“I came out of my (Gulistan-e-Jauhar) house and felt that someone was following me but before I can react, a biker in black shirt attacked me with a knife and fled. The whole alley was empty so none could help me. My father came home in the evening and we contacted 15 but police came and arrested my father,” said the girl, adding that the police alleged that her father attacked with a knife.

The girl claimed that the police kept her father in the lock up for about three to four hours despite the fact that she herself assured the police officers that she was not attacked by her father.

The girl’s father maintained that policemen demanded hush money to release him.


Karachi police release pictures of Gulistan-e-Jauhar knife attacker

It is pertinent to note here that police have arrested a number of suspects involved in a spate of knife attacks after at least 11 such attacks were carried out on girls in the last week in different areas of the city. In all such incidents, a biker attacked women with a sharp object leaving them severely injured.

But despite police’s ongoing search, the attacker attacked another woman near Safari Park bringing the number of such incidents to 12 since last week. The attacker left the woman seriously injured as she resisted the stabbing attempt.

On Saturday, police released pictures of the knife attacker.

A prize money of Rs0.5 million was also announced for anyone who comes up with any information regarding the attacker.

The pictures taken from a CCTV footage show a biker wearing a helmet and attacking random women. Police say the suspect is about 20 to 29 years old and his height ranges from 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inch.

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