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Student hospitalised in critical condition after being mauled by dogs

KHAIRPUR: A teenager was hospitalised in critical condition after being mauled by stray dogs in Khairpur district on Wednesday, ARY News reported.

13-year-old Fida Hussain was bitten by stray dogs in the Kot Diji town of the district.

The victim was shifted to the Kot Diji Taluka Hospital for medical attention, where he is stated to be in critical condition.

His family members, however, lamented that the hospital administration denied him an anti-rabies vaccine, forcing them to buy it from outside out of their own pocket.

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They alleged the medical superintendent of the medical facility threatened to send off their child when they tried to protest non-provision of the vaccine.

It is noteworthy that the provincial government has reportedly been finalising an over Rs1 billion programme aimed at vaccination of stray dogs to control their population.

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According to the Sindh local government department, the programme is awaiting the formal approval of the chief minister.



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