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Sujawal woman delivers baby in dargah as public hospital had no doctors

SAJAWAL: In what demonstrates an abysmal state of public medical facilities across Sindh province, a lady in labor on Saturday had to deliver her child in a nearby shrine because the on-duty hospital doctor was absent, ARY News reported.

The pregnant woman visited today a public hospital in Mirpur Bhatoro, however, upon finding out there was no lady doctor in the house to tend to her, the lady, unable to afford an alternative, had to deliver her child within the premises of a nearby shrine.

According to the details on the incident, when the family of the pregnant woman turned to a private hospital after they were betrayed by the government, the private clinic demanded advance payment and thus, the family of the woman went to collect it.

However, when it took her family a while to return with the required money, the private clinic lady doctor escorted the hapless lady in labor out of her clinic.

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The woman as she inched near her delivery found no respite or relief and when the time came, she found herself unaided and forlorn in the nearby shrine’s premises where her baby was delivered.

After her delivery was concluded was said and done, a Sindh Peoples’ ambulance reached the spot and administered her and her child first aid.



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