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Man discovers venomous snake inside helmet

A high school teacher was lucky enough to escape unharmed as he traveled for more than seven miles before discovering a venomous snake inside his helmet.

The incident took place with an Indian high school teacher KA Ranjith who drove his motorcycle for 11 kilometres without knowing that there was a venomous snake inside his helmet.

According to the journey details, he first left his home for Kandanad St Mary’s High School in the morning and after taking the class, he left for another school, which is six kilometres away from the Kandanad school.

Upon reaching the second school, Ranjith discovered the snake, which had been crushed to death inside the helmet.

The man was shifted to a local hospital by his colleagues and much to his relief was cleared of any snake-bite found on his body after a detailed body check-up.

The teacher later said that the snake might have come from a pond near his house. “I did not find anything unusual while the reptile was inside his helmet.”

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After being discharged from the hospital, he threw his helmet and set it on fire.

On January 30, it was an utter astonishment for a resident when he found a six-foot long snake roaming inside his residence and called the emergency responders to deal with the troubling situation.

The incident occurred in United States (US) state of Kansas, where a resident at a duplex found the large boa constrictor hiding inside their couch and summoned the emergency responders to catch it.

The authorities were successful in catching the large reptile.



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