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Twenty eight snakes found from man’s house in Kot Radha Kishan

KOT RADHA KISHAN: What can be called an extra ordinary incident, twenty eight snakes between one to four and half feet in length on Tuesday were found from a house in Tehsil Bar Courts, Kot Radha Kishan, ARY News reported.

The owner of the house after seeing snake in his washroom informed Punjab’s emergency service Rescue 1122.

The team reached the spot and in operation recovered as many as 28 snakes from the house and adjoining area’s sewerage line.

The recovered snakes are said to be between one to four and half feet in length.

Last year, a man in the US state of Texas was freaked to death when found that his house was a shelter of snakes.

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But what was scarier was the fact that his house was a shelter to not one or two snakes, but a staggering 45 of them. The snake hideout was discovered when a technical team was working to fix a cable issue under the home.

The company that was called to remove the snakes, however, made it clear that the house wasn’t untidy, dismissing any impressions that the dirtier the house is, the more likely it is to be inhabited by snakes.

The snake rescuers later had told the local media that all the reptiles were released in the wild far from animals and people.



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