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Five Tips for PUBG beginners to enhance gaming capabilities

PUGB or Playerunknown’s Battle Ground has become a popular game worldwide and groups of people could be found playing it in cafes and in street corners.

Although the game is easy to pick up but becoming the last man standing at the battle ground out of the 99 other players is not a cake walk for a gamer.

So here are the five tips that the Team SouL, India’s best PUBG team, is giving to the PUBG Mobile beginners that could enable them to have a better gaming experience and get an upper hand over their rivals.

Learn how to control recoil:

Handling gun recoil game can make or break a player’s game. Every gun has a different recoil and can move here and there while you are shooting. Once you have learnt how to control recoil, you can move the gun back into position while shooting to keep a steady aim.

Learn how to aim properly:

Aiming at an opponent during a game is quite a necessary thing that a player needs to do while playing. If you learn how to aim properly, you will be able to take headshots easily making your path to a chicken dinner very easy.

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Learning how to aim is not the only thing that you need to keep in mind, you also need to be quick at it, so that any other does not take a shot at you, thus knocking you down, while you adjust your aim.

Be dynamic with movement:

Standing in one place while trying to shoot at an opponent, or trying to pick up supplies might get you killed very easily. This is because if you do not keep on moving any player during the match will be able to spot you, take aim and knock you out.

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Read the map very well:

“Players should know all of the maps, all of the locations and they should know where the teams are dropping,” said Mathur. This is because if you know all of the maps very well and know where a player can be hiding, or from where you can take a good shot, it helps quite a lot. Also keeping a look at the teams helps you scope and chart out a plan as to how you are going to win.

Practice with your team:

Practicing with your team will help you improve teamwork and team synergy, this will help while stuck in difficult situations, to get out and be victorious. A similar thing happened to Team SouL today, who were in a pickle when they were nearing the end of the third match of PMCO Fall Split 2019, it is when SouL ClutchGod went to take kills while two other player distracted others, all of them ended up getting killed, however, MortaL went to win the game.



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