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Two sons of deceased Karachi ‘transgender’ Guddu turn up to lodge murder case

KARACHI: New details have divulged in yesterday’s day-old mutilated body recovery from a Clifton house on Saturday as deceased ‘transgender Guddu’ was actually 45-year-old Ali Zaman with three children and family in Punjab, ARY News reported.

Zaman has three children including two sons who came to earlier today Karachi to receive father’s mutilated body.

According to police, the deceased Ali Zaman alias Guddu had come to Karachi 20 years ago from Hassan Abdal and he would pose himself as one from transgender community to beg for alms.

The police said Zaman did not maintain communication with the local transgender community in Karachi but had had a friend he would often meet.

Police said the marks on Zaman’s days old body seem to be such that he was mauled by some animals following his death.

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Zaman has two sons, a 20-year-old Shahab and a 12-year-old Saad, who came to Karachi for legal matters, while he also has a daughter.

The older son Shahab told police his father phoned him five days back telling him he was not feeling well.

The police have sent the body to the hospital for post mortem while his sons have lodged a murder FIR with Clifton Police Station, noting he was tortured to death.

It may be noted that yesteraday in an appalling event, the city police found a mutilated body dressed as a transgender person from a Clifton house.

According to the erstwhile available details collected on the case, the police said the deceased transgender person been identified as 40-year-old Guddu.

The police said the body was at least one-day-old and it contained physical torture marks on it.



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