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Usman Buzdar hails Punjab Assembly for amicably passing budget

LAHORE: Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Ahmed Khan Buzdar addressing the Punjab Assembly today (Friday) expressed his satisfaction over the passing of Budget without a major hitch, ARY News reported.

CM Punjab addressing the house said: “I am thankful to God that the budget was successfully passed.”

“47 per cent increase has been awarded in Punjab’s development budget,” added Buzdar.

Continuing further, the Chief Minister said that salaries of Engineers and Doctors have been raised and the budget stresses on human development, which is a first, added Buzdar.

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“The current budget embodies the concept of ‘savings’, the biggest deduction has been made in the amount allocated for the Chief Minister’s office,” claimed CM Punjab.

Buzdar continued that the province was distributing ‘Insaf Sehat Cards’ all over its districts.

The Chief Minister also apprised the assembly of 6 new universities being made in the province for the betterment of education and showing the government’s intent towards education.

Punjab’s Minister for Law and Parliamentary affairs, Raja Basharat on June 25 revealed that the provincial budget for Punjab was approved by the assembly in record time.

The Minister went on to claim that the current budget channeling the spirit and wishes of the nation and would work as a catalyst to improve living standards in the province.

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He also claimed that the opposition failed in finding lacuna and matters of serious concern in the budget which has to be a testament to the budget’s brilliance.

Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Ahmad Buzdar, in a statement issued on June 17 had said, rights of people of South Punjab had been abused in past but it was now time for compensation.

He assured that funds allocated for South Punjab will neither be used in any other project nor to any other city or province as Punjab cabinet has accorded approval to this decision.

He said the incumbent government had allocated thirty-five percent in development budget for South Punjab.



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